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That's really thinnikg at a high level

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You keep it up now, understand? Really good to know.

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If I communicated I could thank you enough for this, I'd be lying.

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The truth just shines through your post

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Well looks like we have a hater up in here. And I think I remember that thread on /a/ about one of your comics. Last I noticed it had descended into some flames over tripfags though. Threads there do tend to get derailed without warning….

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Just wondering how many games Lakers going to loose before Buss/Mitch will get an idea, this is not right coach for the veteran team. Players looking like they have no clue what they doing, defense included. Last year his explanation was – no camp. What he is going to say this year? DH was missing? What this has anything to with our bench looking like a bunch idiots?

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DJ, It was nice to blog with you. God bless. I will continue to opine on the small battles that make up the war. I pray that the truth will come to light whether it be right or left(wrong). I will pray for you and others as I do everyday.

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We haven’t seen this before. Is the camera running the latest firmware? Can you try using a wired connection instead of wifi?If you reboot the camera, can you get back to it?

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07/09/2011 - 2:07pmMejor que no saquen nada porque lo poco que publican son críticas a los rebeldes y propaganda a favor de que madrid y Barsa se lleven todo el turrón.

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Hallo Piet ! Ich bin schwer beeindruckt. Ich wünsche Euch noch eine tolle Zeit und vor allem viel Glück !! Meine Adresse hast Du noch (wegen ´ner Karte für meine Sammlung !!) ? INES